Musings ❀

It has been two days since I have interacted with anyone face-to-face. I have been lying in bed, binging on food and The Mentalist. Every now and then I have this thought. What if I never have anyone lying next to me in bed? What if years from now, I will be in a room, a much better, a much prettier room, lying on a bed, sprawled up next to a laptop and not a single soul around of you? It makes me sad–those kick you in the gut, squeeze your heart real tight till you can’t breathe kinda sad.

Suddenly, I had this thought. Imagine I make my career as a freelance writer. I will eventually move into a nice place, all by myself because I have grown tired of roommates and I have no significant other. I don’t have anywhere to be, so I spend my days just lying in bed, a few too many sizes bigger, binging on shows and food.

I shudder at the thought.

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